Support Services

  • Systems Administration
  • Pro-active Security Maintenance
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Security Auditing and Monitoring

Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Off Site Data Backup
  • Cluster Computing
  • Server Co-Location
  • Managed Server Hosting


  • Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security Incident Cleanup
    and Restoration
  • Hardware Sales
  • Application Specific Support

Software Development

  • PHP
  • PERL
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL

Support Services

Our Systems Administration service provides all the benefits of an in-house SysAdmin at a small fraction of the cost. We will configure your network, monitor your servers, perform secure remote backups and respond to your questions and requests by phone or online.

Our Programming Team is familiar with many languages, including Perl, PHP, C/C++, Java and shell scripts. We can help you integrate applications, add new features, or design something from the ground up. We specialize in web-enabled Internet and extranet applications.

Secure Internet Backup is a service we provide a la carte as well as packaged with our SysAdmin contracts. We will back up your servers to a remote location over the Internet via a secure connection. Only new or changed data is backed up each night, so bandwidth requirements are minimized. We will retain seven days of backup files, which we can serve back to you from our secure data center when your server is unavailable. QLL maintains HIPAA compliant facilities.

Systems Monitoring is another service that is usually bundled with SysAdmin contracts, and can also be purchased a la carte. We will monitor all critical services on your servers 24/7 and automatically notify a technician (usually our own) if there is an issue that needs attention.

Integration Services are an extension of our Programming Team. We can help your product talk with other software or hardware devices using open standards wherever appropriate.

Our Networking Team excels at cross-platform communication and integration, and can assist you in finding the right solution to extend the capabilities of your existing network, using open standards wherever possible.

Managed Services

We will build, host and manage your servers for you in our Class A data center. Placing managed services under our care is less expensive and more reliable than running your servers in-house. We will apply security patches and updates, perform automatic backups, and monitor your servers so we can find and fix any problems before you notice them.


Quantum Linux consulting services span the gap between organizational vision and the implementation of supporting technologies. We work with you to understand your culture and objectives, paying particular attention to any change process you may be engaging. We will then co-design and implement solutions that support your new objectives and cultural goals. We also offer purely technical consulting services.

What can we do for you?

Got data? We can help. Take advantage of our expertise to enhance the security of your technology infrastructure through uptime and security monitoring, systems administration and our secure remote data backup service.

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